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about me

my name is cung my phan, i am german-vietnamese and grew up in "breitbrunn am ammersee", which is located close to munich - where i am based now with my dog "mochi".

i studied business psychology and business administration, worked in retail for 5 years, was working in e-commerce businesses like zalando and amazon. i'm a very analytical and data driven person, but am as well also creative and love fashion and dancing, which are a very big part on my life. 

currently working at a media production company as a fashion stylist - focused on e-commerce, flatlays and model shoots.

being a dancer and stylist helps me to do movement direction on set or choose looks for dancers to fit the mood of their dancing. I'd say this is the most special thing about me: how i am able to work but also what i am able to bring to the table when doing both: dancing and styling.

i've been dancing since i was 11 years old and started off with dancing hip hop and choreography. from a hobby to a profession i became a dance instructor in 2011 and never stopped being one. besides dancing myself and sharing my hip hop and choreography knowledge i also teach ballroom and mainly prepare couples for their big day - their wedding.

another passion of mine is, as i said: fashion. i was mostly interested in how to style items the most convenient but also special way and finally started styling assistance and with styling itself in the beginning of 2021 and focused on being a stylist and styling assistant since 2022. my main knowledge and style is based on streetwear and would describe it as "streetwear but elegant". usually i mix streetwear & sporty brands with high fashion brands and high quality fabrics. i pay attention to sustainable and mostly locally and regionally based labels as well - as much as i can. aside i also enjoy personal styling and like helping people to find their look.

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